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Call For Papers

SCOPE of ACDP 2023

Contributed papers are solicited describing original works in Algorithms, Computing and Data Processing. Topics and technical areas of interest include but are not limited to the following:




Data Processing

Analysis of algorithms

Ambient computing

Data applications in various domains and activities

Ant colony algorithm

Artificial and Computational Intelligence

Data in cloud

Approximation algorithm

Big data-oriented computing

Real-world data processing

Combinatorial search

Cloud Computing

Data inaccuracy and reliability issues

Competitive analysis

Cognitive computing

Data Ecosystem

Computability theory

Embedded computing

New data analytics techniques

Computational complexity theory

Entertainment computing

Data modelling

Embarrassingly parallel problem


Deep learning techniques

Genetic algorithm

High-performance computing

Data fusion

Graph exploration algorithm

Intelligent computation

Machine learning

Las Vegas algorithm

Mobile computing

Data in Biomedical Engineering

Quantum algorithm

Network Computing

Data in Materials science and mechanics

Randomized algorithm

Parallel computing

Data handling and applications in domains

Sorting algorithm

Quantum computing

Wireless Networking Data Management

Search algorithm

Real-Time and Distributed Computing

Data of Electronic & Embedded Systems

Super-recursive algorithm

Sensor-based computing

Artificial intelligence Models and Systems Data

Tree search algorithm

Soft Computing

E-Computing Data